Friday, 17 January 2014

The first of many

Well it's been far to long since I posted on my blog.

I have been crafting when I get the time but keep forgetting to post it here - sorry.

Anyway this is a wee project I've been working on since just before Christmas, it's my 10 year old sons hand print.

Since we redecorated the house I wanted to put something in the walls that we put our print to, so this is what I came up with.

The hand has not been glued flat to the canvas as I wanted it to have shadows when the light hit it.

Some additional texture using IndigoBlu kroma crackle, this was the first time I used this, I think it's really easy to use with brilliant results.

Stenciled using some tinted paperartsy grunge paste, didn't want to show a definite stop to the stencil so I tapered it of into the canvas.

Poured some utte into a ranger texted thread then cut out the letters to spell his name, once cooled I added a small amount if guilding wax just to highlight the texture.

Again used some indigoblu rubber stamps and using slap it on technique did some decopatch.

The base coat paints are all paperartsy fresco finish paints. 

I really enjoyed doing this.  I took my time and I'm really happy with the results, just another 3 to go lol.

Happy crafting everyone hope you enjoy xox


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