Saturday, 31 January 2009

Something Oriental

Over in the Fiskarettes blog, they are giving away some fantastic new products that aren't available in the UK yet. The challenge is to design an "oriental" card to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Well I have never designed anything oriental before, so I decided that this should be my first challenge for the year.

I used peel offs and painted using cosmic shimmer to paint the images so they had a rich shine on the dresses, cut image out, removed the image and hey presto it worked (a little tip, remove some of the stickiness of the peel off first by pressing into your clothes, this makes the peel off easier to remove when finished and doesn't lift the paper in the process!)

Next, cut out some Chinese dragon panels using Fiskars deckle paper edgers, love these as you don't necessarily have to go in a straight line :-) and matted onto gold mirror board.

Layered all onto a Chinese dragon background and mounted onto red card from my stock.

The writing along the 2 dragon panels say celebrate, health, happiness and wealth. Red in China represents wealth, so I hope this card brings me wealth in the form of the Fiskars goodies.

Please go over to the site here, and vote for my card. Or if you would like to take part yourself, you can enter up to the 4th February.

Will be back later tonight (I hope) with a before and after picture of my diary, got bored last night and this is what I got up to .......................


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Eventually .....

I have managed to download my camera software and log onto my blog ..... still don't know what's wrong there. Anyway here is the card that I made for a lady who works in one of the business that I work with, it was her 31st birthday and her OH was taking her to Lanzorate for her birthday (well seen they have no kids).
I absolutely ADORE Penny Black images and as I have promised not to buy anything until my "new" craft room is built I have invested in some images that I purchased from an auction site - but if anybody out there would like to send Kelsey and me some we would be very grateful.
Anyway back to the card, used my Whispers pens to colour this cutie in, some glitter on the bumble bee wings and on the center of the flowers. I'm really happy with the way it turned out as I wanted to achieve subtle, calming colours.Oh to be 31 again .................................

Hope to be back again real soon, Please Mr Blogger, let me in, Karen

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been about as last couple of months, between kids being sick, operations, work load I just haven't had time to come on here and I am truly sorry :-(

I had been planning on starting the new year with a new objective, to post on my blog at least every other day, but my computer had other ideas and unfortunately it was laid to rest in the local dump last week so everything had to be built again from scratch.

My mum and dad ever so kindly gave me their old computer but Mr Blogger doesn't seem to like it so much but if you are reading this my every so generous parents, THANK YOU xoxo

Ok, now back to the crafting, I eventually have managed to scrape a few hours together to make 1 card (around of applause please) but unfortunately I can't upload it as I can't find the software for my camera ....... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what's a girl to do? Emailed the company and asked them to forward a "link" to the software, hopefully it should appear within the next couple of days.

Just a few mentions if I may, WAY TO GO KATH, card designer of the year 2008, what a major award for such a talented person, next time we meet up I will have to get your autograph now that your famous. Couldn't have happened to a nicer lady and didn't I always tell you that your cards were brill. And now to my other Scottish amigo who has had a rougher ride than I over the past months, Lorraine, I'm so happy that you are on the mend and that your back into your crafty ways again. I knew you were a fighter and hopefully you have no more worries, maybe now you will put on some weight and not make me so JUMBO looking :-)

Anyway, got to get back to other peoples accounts, why do so many people leave it to the last minute to try and get an accountant to audit their books? It's not going to change anything but makes my life a lot harder ......... but hey it pays the bills so I shouldn't really complain.

Hope to speak to you all soon, and as this is my 100th post, will do a candy giveaway in the next couple of days, if the camera software arrives.

Love to you all, keep crafting and don't let this "credit crunch" depress any of us to much xoxoxo


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