Friday, 21 March 2008

1st Sketch Entry

Hi everyone, found a brilliant blog
I have entered this card into a sketch competition, never done this before so I'm not quite sure what I'm doing - but hey its worth a go.
I made this card using acetate as the front cover (something new for me) used 2 co-ordinating papers and stitched the front paper onto the card using red thread (again something new for me)and layered on 2 paper die cuts with flower gems in the center. I'm quite impressed with it to be honest with you. It's amazing what you can do when there are no kids around.


carol said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for having a go! I think your card is fab with the acetate front, very well done! :) The blog is looking great, and i hope you will try some more sketches now, you'll be hooked you know :)
See you soon
Carol x

KATH..... said...

Hi Karen
Love the card and just to let you know that you've been given an award - check on my blog to see.

Arty Party NI said...

Hi Kath

Thanks a million for your lovely comment, oh and an award - ye ha, haven't won an award since I was last in the GFS some years ago I may add. Lots of love 2u Kath.

xox Karen xox

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