Friday, 28 March 2008

Truth, look at the time!!!!!

Hiya everyone, I've been that busy with everything else these past couple of days that I have been neglecting my blog (bad Karen). Anyway there have been a few major progressions in my life these past 2 days. Firstly, I have received a booking for my new company "Arty Party NI" for this Saturday. Basically the company is a mobile arts and crafts workshop where I travel to peoples houses/community centers/churches etc to let them "experiment" with various arts and craft techniques that are available without the initial outlay of purchasing the products themselves. It's especially good for children as I believe that they don't get enough time in school to be more creative. 2nd big thing is that I have finally got my old oil tank removed (not really exciting I hear you cry) but my old oil tank held 4,000 Litres YES and it cost an arm and a leg to fill it. It was made of iron and my hubby and I have the lovely task of trying to cut it up as we cannot carry it in one piece. If the weather brightens up tomorrow I will take a pic and post it here for all of you to see it. Anyway going to bed now as it 01:50 and I have to get up at 08:00 for the kids (wish they were back at school). Tara for now xox Karen xox


KATH..... said...

Good luck with Saturday my crafty friend. Don't overdo it with the tank - you want to be fighting fit for the 20th.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Well done you on Saturdays booking, hope all goes well & you know that Kath & I will be thinking of you all day, so don't take too long to let us know how it went. See you on the 20th.
Lorraine xxx

Lorraine Robertson said...

Come on Kaz. Spill the beans on Saturdays Party. Was it simply full of fun, fun, fun???????

Lorraine xxx

Arty Party NI said...

Hi Lorraine, Saturday's party went on a lot longer than I had hoped, 3hours infact. But it was worth it, sold over £500 of my stuff so I can't complain. Got more bookings also and over this next month it will be madness between Arty Party, AS's, Nottingham plus my birthday in the middle, not enough hours in the day yet........

Good luck for this weekend, and if I get a chance I might get posting onto the blog some of the wedding cards that I have been asked to do for a wedding next year, bride can't decide on what one.

Lots of hugs and kisses
xox Karen xox

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