Saturday, 2 August 2008

I need your help

Hi everyone, I really need your help at the moment. I am looking for some "faces" to stamp onto my cricut dolls to create a better expression. My dolls are 7cm or 2 3/4" tall. I don't like the face that the cricut cuts out as it's very unclear so I'm looking for stamps that I can stamp their own faces onto (hope this makes sense).

If anybody knows of anywhere in the world that these can be bought, please leave a comment or email me with a website address.

Many thanks everyone, Karen


Ana Baird said...

Sorry I can't help.
Great blog and creations.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Sorry I aint got a clue, why not design your own??

Lorraine xxx

Janet Quaif said...

Try Clever Cut in the themed stamp sets. They have 2 sets that might work. Hope this helps.


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