Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sugarbowl Challenge

Hi everyone, hope I'm not to late for this challenge over at Sugarbowl. This time its on doodling and I have doodle the text and the stitching around the card. Sorry for the delay, my laptop has a constant blue screen and I have to book my time in advance for the computer, what with the kids being of on holidays and so on ........................
Well here she is and isn't she pretty, sorry about the quality of the pictures, I am rushing it a bit here, but I decided on a birthday card for my youngest niece Erin who's birthday isn't until October but I received a very late wedding and I'm spending all my time on that at the mo.

These are the copic pens and markers that I used to colour my little woman in with.

With regards to my own personal circumstances, the hospital have cancelled my operation yet again and I'm waiting patiently for the phone call, think it might have something to do with the swine flu, but thankfully it hasn't hit these waters just as bad as it has around the world.
Will try and get another challenge done soon, I've taken up golfing (a little nudge from the OH there) and I must admit I am enjoying getting out and about whacking a ball, not very far may I add but its more exercise than I've had in ages and its good to spend sometime with the OH and our son Joe, he beat me the other day also and he's only 5!!!!


Lilian said...

You're not too late to join Karen! :) Your card is just adorable and wonderful doodlin'! Hope you are feeling better and that the hospital calls soon. Try to relax and not be stressed about it. Thanks for joining the SB challenge and hope to see you in the next one too! Have a wonderful day!

Lorraine Robertson said...

Nice to see you back in blogland honey... sorry I've been so busy of late that my blog hopping has been non existant.

Hope you get a date for your surgery soon love as you've had such a terrible time of it over the last few years.

Big hugs to all...

Lorraine xxx

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