Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Photo of me!!

Hi all, well after many requests I have uploaded a photo of me onto my blog. Why has it taken me so long? Well mainly because I am the one behind the camera and nobody thinks about taking a "good" picture of me, when I'm being serious or anything :-) Well this one was taken yesterday and I didn't know it was happening so hence the screwed up face, might also have something to do with the fact that I had just walked 14 miles and my feet were killing me. Needless to say today I'm as stiff as a poker feel more like 85 than my actual age and to reassure me so called friends are telling me that I'm going to feel worse tomorrow, GREAT, just what I wanted to hear. Anyway, I did finish a card for this weeks WOJ challenge but the camera on my mobile decided to save it to the phone and not the memory card, why can't technology just work the way I want it to, can't it read my mind or what???

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Lorraine Robertson said...

Hello Mrs... finally managed to get a minute to pop over & say hi...

Hope all went well with the extension & give my love to your mum too...

Big hugs & kisses for you also.

Lorraine xxx

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