Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not enough time .....

.... I have no time. Sorry for not being about as late, I do have a good reason, well 2 to be precise.

1st - My computer has died again and I'm using my Mum & Dad's computer to post this as they are out Christmas shopping. Please don't tell my Dad as it would take me forever and a day to understand what a blog is, never mind posting onto one.

2nd - This week is manic, I have a hospital appointment for Joe on Monday, GFS Bible studying on Tuesday, Charity golf competition on Wednesday, Mother's Union card making event on Wednesday night, working Thursday and partying on Friday night (well this will take at least 5 hours to get ready for, need a new gown, hair done etc etc)

So please forgive me for not being here, I am in spirit and thought.

When I get my computer back, I promise (fingers crossed) to post pictures of the cards that I've been making. Can't even get doing my favourite weekly challenges as I don't know what they are :-(


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