Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!

Well guess what, I've just been tagged by Kath (thanks mate?!). I need to answer the following questions:-
WHAT WAS HAPPENING 10 YEARS AGO?I had not that long moved from my 1st matrimonial home and was living in a house nearer my parents, no money, no furniture a 1 year old child ..... things weren't good, then my parents decided I needed a break, booked me a flight and accommodation to go to Crete for a week on my own. I loved it, no partying, just me doing things that I've never done before, scuba diving, mountain climbing. Had a ball and meet 10 Welsh boys who had a scoring system going and it was fun watching them the next morning, scoring the females from the night before - and no I WASN'T on their score sheet thank you.
NAME 5 THINGS TO DO TODAY:Things I have to do today, take the kids to school, have a shower, collect Joe from nursery, hang out some washing, collect Kelsey from school, and ooh that's 5 and it's only 3pm.
SNACKS I ENJOY: Ok if your easily turned in the stomach, look away now. I love love love dulse sandwiches, if you don't know what dulse is well it's dried seaweed. Can't get enough of it, dulse tea, dulse sandwiches, dulse on its own. This was something my grandad got me into and my kids love it to. A bit chewy and very salty, but its LOVELY, yummy
THINGS I WOULD DO IF I WERE A MILLIONAIRE:If I were a millionaire, I wouldn't tell a sole. I would continue in my normal life, pay off the mortgage, clear any of my family debts, my hubby would probably leave work (well if I told him anyway), open my own craft shop and run children's workshops, give quite a bit to worthy charities, oh yes and have plastic surgery!!!.
PLACES I HAVE LIVED:I have always lived in Northern Ireland, mostly in the Ballymena area but when I was foolish and in love (cough loudly) I lived in Larne for a few years, although it was only 22 miles from my parents house to mine, Scotland was closer! I did however have the opportunity to go and live in Canada when my first marriage split up but I couldn't leave my family and it was to soon after my life was turned upside down. I love where I live now as we are about 10 minutes drive from the town center, only 5 minutes walk from unspoilt countryside and although we live in a small park because the house numbers are all up the left, nobody can find our house - ye ha!!!!
Hope you have all found something new about me, now I have to pass this onto 5 other LUCKY people..so here goes........1st is Georgie, one of my Fiskar buddies, 2nd is Sammi a lovely girl who send me some blog candy, 3rd is Jami who has got the most adorable little boys, 4th is Alison another person who I met through Fiskars and lastly Ana another crafter who lives in Northern Ireland.


kath said...

Sorry about the tag mate - hate these things really - am definitely going to pass the next onekqhb

Sammi said...

Thanks for tagging me Karen! ... I just did a post now! :)
mm ... the snack sounds interesting!

Ana Baird said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for the tag! Will post it soon. Didn't know you live in Ballymena. I'm in Bangor. Nice to here for another crafter in N. Ireland. have add your blog to my favorites so I can come back and see your new creations.

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