Friday, 27 June 2008

School's Out

Well, this week my son "Graduated" from nursery school, can't believe that Joe has finished a whole year of school and he is really looking forward to starting "proper" school in September. Well at his graduation party all the children were presented with lovely scrapbooks of their work throughout the year. Lots of paintings, colouring in, and pictures of my wee man, need to scan a few and let you see how cute he looks. He is very good at painting flowers and they are all for his mummy!
Kelsey finished primary school on Wednesday and didn't shed a tear, all the other girls in her class were sobbing away, but not our Kelsey, oh no she couldn't wait until she had finished as she found P7 quite boring with not very much going on after they had finished their 11+ exams. As she got an A grade, she will be going to the Ballymena Academy, the best grammar school in the area and it will be a shock to her as her timetable has 15 subjects, most new and exciting things. Kelsey is a very academic girl and enjoys nothing more than sitting in her bedroom reading a good book or drawing, colouring in , making cards etc..... I know she is going to do very well in her new school.
As a result of the kids finishing school and starting a new one in September, my to-do-list has got awfully long with new school uniforms, school bags, books, shoes etc so I'm trying to work as many hours as I can to try and save some pennies for them as it's quite expensive for Kelsey's uniform, as a result I have to try and reduce, notice I didn't say stop, the amount of crafting products I buy. I am seriously thinking about selling some of my crafting goodies on ebay to try and turn some money around to buy new things, if I do put some on the auction site, I will let you all know as there will be plenty of bargains to be had. Hope everyone is keeping well and that your weather is a lot better than it has been here as few days, rain, thunder, rain ..... you get the picture:-(

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