Saturday, 25 October 2008

I've been busy making Christmas .......

.... cards, decorations, table settings, you name it, I've been doing it this past week. We hold a Christmas Fair every other year to raise funds for the up keep of our church and this year the GFS have decided to enter a craft stall - no problem said me. Little did I realise just how much work I had let myself in for as the fair is on the 22nd November and not only do I have a wee operation next week that will put me of my feet for about a week, but this morning I have just received a letter telling me that Joe's operation will be on the 8th November. Isn't the timing of these appointments just brilliant.

So I have been up to past 2am the past two nights trying to finish off orders and get started on some crafts to sell on the stall. I will post some pictures of the finished products once they have dried, hopefully later on today.

Keep smiling only 60 days to Christmas - but hey who's counting? LOL

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