Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Meet the new family member

This is Ben, Ben the Bin as I like to call him as he eats none stop and oh boy does he ever love posing for the camera. Ben came to us as a stray 5 weeks ago and he is only about 4 months old. He has settled into the Monaghan clan very well and him and Monty get on like a proper brother and sister. He has the cutest we face with his wee goatee moustache and the softest fur I have ever felt. Just thought I would share a picture or two of him with you all. Just finished the samples of my Orange Order cards, they are going to the Lodge meeting this Monday night and I have sent samples to other Lodges so hopefully I will get a good order for them, had over 100 last year and this year I'm a bit late, but we live in hope. Have a big day this Saturday, I am doing a workshop in our new town hall for children, its based on the theme of T-shirt designs so I'm up to my arms at the minute with t-shirts, paints, stencils etc you get the picture. Will let you know how it goes ..... fingers crossed. Karen


Lorraine Robertson said...

Hi honey, thought I better pop over & see what you've been up to. Wow is Ben stunning or what & he & Monty sure seem quite happy snuggled up together....

Good luck with your workshop on Saturday & look forward to hearing all about it.

Lorraine xxx

Kath said...

good luck with your workshop on Saturday and hey what a cute kitty kat

jay670120 said...

Gosh the cats do look like best of buddies !!!

Check out my slide show!!!