Thursday, 5 March 2009

Its 6:21am and its snowing ...

here in Northern Ireland, just hope my flight to bonnie Glasgow isn't cancelled. Yes that's right today is the day that Mum and I fly over to the SECC to meet up with Kath and Lorraine and hopefully buy some nice goodies.
Can't believe that I have been awake from 5:10 and the alarm didn't need to go of for me to get up, must be the nerves.
Anyway, the snow has arrived here, my car is on trying to defrost and now I'm going over to get Mum, our flight is at 8:00am but need to be in airport for around 7 to pass through security.
Back again tonight hopefully around 9:05pm as long as there are no delays. Will post tomorrow with any pics that I might take, if your going up as far as I know we are meeting at the Fiskars stand at 11am to go for coffee/tea/nicotine, would be lovely to meet you there.
Karen xxx

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jay670120 said...

Hope you had a lovely time . Myself and Caroline will be at Birmingham NEC Hobbycrafts show couldnt make SECC :(

Check out my slide show!!!