Thursday, 12 February 2009

Don't mean to panic you BUT ...........

This was the start of a telephone conversation that I got on Saturday night while sitting, chilling out, wee drink and watching Casualty on TV (love that show).

Well, it was a friend of mine what wanted me to do some 18th Birthday Party invitations for her daughter "No problem, how many and when for?" said I ...... "80 by Wednesday please and can they be discrete but pink" you could image the thump as I hit the ground ... but me being me agreed as I hate letting anyone down.

So off into the dungeon, to start the invites, worked until 2am Saturday night, late Sunday and finished of after work on Monday, handed them out on Tuesday night, delighted with them and would be giving my details out to all her mates ............. longer time needed in future please.

Here they are,

I adore PB's unmounted stamps and will definitely be "investing" in more when Mum and I go to the SECC in March, they are so clear even after being used continuously for 85 times (always do a few extra). Inked the edges, mounted onto pink mix background and then onto Raspberry Pink card. There is glitter on the champagne cork, but can't see it to well with my picture, sorry.

Karen xx

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Heather Bradley said...

wow that was alot of work in such a short time! Great work, your right the PB's are very user friendly, no matter how much hammer they get lol :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

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