Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Good, the bad and the .......

...... well this is going to be a long post so go get yourself a cup of tea, light up a smoke (if you want) and take a pew. Sorry it's been a while since my last post, its been absolutely chaos here and maybe this wee post might explain a few of the reasons.
Firstly The Good news, as you know Mother's day has just went past, Easter is next week and my birthday (35th oh cringe) is the week after. My darling OH asked me what I would like and as you know I bought some copic sketch markers recently and said "a couple more of these babies would be cool :-)" Needless to say he must have heard me wrong as he bought me a couple of SETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldn't believe it, didn't correct him mind you, but look at these new babies, I've been playing oops sorry perfecting my artist skills (sounds better) with these cuties over the past weeks when I've had the time, yes my "normal" work is still as mad as ever, who said that I would only be busy at the beginning of the year?! They are the sketch markers and now I'm thinking to myself "should I invest in an airbrush system?" Don't know how that would go down with OH, maybe if I bought it and said nothing about it would he even notice?

Now the bad news, well it's not really bad just depressing to me as the dust is doing my head in, yes the builders are still here and these are a few pictures to let you know the progress. I have no roof on my house, there is a big massive hole in my landing where my new master bedroom door will be and I'm freezing.

This is my new en suite, doesn't look like much from the picture but I'm sure that when the roof goes on and it's all plastered, fitted and cleaned it's going to look the business.

This is the kids new play room, it was originally our garage but as we built a double garage to the other side of our house last year, it was a sin to waste the space, plus it should mean that the kids stay out of the living room with all their Wii's, DS consoles and Xbox (oops that's mine and yes I do have the drum kit and guitar to go with it, rock on me lol !!!)
Finally the Ugly, well it's the weather of course, all this work is being done and the heaven's have opened so not only do I have to chase around behind the builders with the hoover, but now it the mop and bucket as well, there is water coming in everywhere and I've been praying really hard for it to stop. Hopefully as it's been a really good weekend here we might have some sunshine
for the builders to get the roof on and finish up but hey look at these poor chappies working in the rain trying to put my master bedroom window in isn't that dedication for you or is it the fact that not only am I standing holding the camera but I've also got a massive cane that if they try to slack of that I won't be afraid to use it, well it did take them 5 months to find my house .........................

Oh don't tell me you thought I was talking about my builders being "the ugly" ................... oh how rude ;-)
Oh how I wish all this work was finished, everything is everywhere, it's really doing my head in, can find nothing, everything is getting threw into my craft/computer room and I'm expected to work in this, no chance.
Hope to get a challenge finished tonight and posted on here tomorrow well the OH is working nights this weekend, the youngest is in bed and Kelsey, well she's sitting watching some silly movie on TV laughing her head off, well it is the Easter holidays for them anyway.
Love always, Karen xoxoxo

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Kath said...

oh dear this brings back memories...we have extended twice and oh the mess but hey chin will be so worth it at the end...if it ever comes to an end...Hugs Kath xxxxx

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