Sunday, 20 April 2008

Away to Nottingham

Well my dear friends, this weekend has been manic so far and it's not over yet!! Had my first "official" Arty Party yesterday and it went really well. Will do a new posting for it in a couple of days but something more important is about to happen - I'm meeting up with my fellow Scottish Pals Kath and Lorraine for some catching up on the goss, oh and yeah doing some Fiskars training also.

The 3 of us originally met each other in September 07 and have stayed in contact ever since so it will be really good to share a wee drink or 2 with them. Flying out today at 2:30 pm leaving kids with my dad as mum is insisting that she goes with me (Lorraine's mum Kay is also going and they 2 Mothers act more like kids when they are together - embarrassing)! Not be back in home until late Monday night, 10pm I think?

Anyway, won't see my husband now until Monday night so I have left him a wee message under the duvet that he can find tonight, nothing naughty just a wee note to let him know that I love him and will miss him, all the sloppy kissie things you do.

Have to wash the kids clothes for school on Monday, hoover and dust the house, pack my suitcase, tidy up the mess from yesterday, pack my suitcase, iron the clothes, leave them past, oh and yes PACK. I hate packing but it shouldn't be that bad this time as I'm only goin' for 1 night.

Will take my camera and leave some pictures of us on a new posting on Tuesday/Wednesday, when I get time I promise.

Anyway, please don't forget that it's my birthday on Wednesday the 23rd, St George's Day, Shakespeare's birthday and also the anniversary of my great grandfather dying. Told you my life was depressing, he passed away 10 minutes before I was born and my mum wanted to call me Willamina as his name was William, thank goodness that my dad decided on Karen, much plainer I think. Anyway I was going to see how many people actually do read this blog site and leave a comment for my birthday as I only get 3 cards :-( would love some "blog" cards if you want to, the choice is yours.

Ta ta for now, Karen

Oh I have to pack and leave in 2 hours, kids still in bed, still in my pj's and it's raining HELP :-(


kath said...

All set to go - I have slightly longer than you to get ready - flight 7.05pm...but as you can see I am bloghopping.
I too will be taking my camera so lots of photos to upload when we get back

Enfys said...

I'll try to remember to send you a virtual hug on your birthday - it's my best friends birthday too. Have a fabulous trip.

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