Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back to Butts

Well after a very busy couple of days, I am now back to normal. Just finished all the washing and ironing, took 3 hours for the ironing, hate it big time.

Had a brilliant time in Nottingham meeting up with Kath, Lorraine and her mum Kay. We stayed at a nice hotel in Nottingham but outside it sounded more like Miami Vice with all the police sirens, car chases going on outside. No sleep and up and about from 5am.

When we got to our "training" hotel with all the other Fiskar Frillies :-) we were all pretty tired and the last thing we wanted to do was work, but needless to say when all the Fiskar toys appeared, the lovely Heidi Grace papers we could feel our eyes opened wide and were ready to take on the crafting challenges that had been set for us.

Unfortunately the time that we had for crafting, 4 hours, went to fast as normal and soon Jill (our commanding officer) was telling us to leave everything past :-( I did however manage to persuade Jill to give us some of the papers that we could continue playing at home, and at the bar the 3 frillies (Kath, Lorraine and myself) split the goodies that we had just received.

At the end we were all given our official Fiskar aprons and I sneaked a few pics of Lorraine and Kath wearing theirs, although I'm not quite sure what they are trying to do in the second picture? I think they were trying to re-act a scene from Dirty Dancing, naughty girls. Now don't be cross with me you 2 as you knew fine well that I would be posting these pictures.

Anyway I have so much more to put onto this blog in the next couple of days, please keep watching.



kath said...

You ******* traitor - tell you something Mrs - you are definitely off the xmas card list after pulling a stunt like this...guess who

Arty Party NI said...

Ah Kath, its only fair after you put that horrible pic of me on your site, I look pregnant for goodness sake. LOL

Lorraine Robertson said...

I love the pictures. They show that we had such fun & laughed all day long only thing is they also show that we three are nothing more than complete nutters.......

Love ya both loads
Lorraine xxxx

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