Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Birthday presents have arrived !!!!!!!!!

It was my birthday last week and I decided to spoil myself by buying some Heidi Grace papers. My lovely postman delivered them to me today, but I have not had a chance to play with them as I was preparing myself for our annual GFS display tonight. Tomorrow I promise to open them, caress them, then CUT them into something creative. When I have finished I will post some pictures and you can let me know what you think. Thought Kelsey might have phoned me tonight, but I suppose she is that tired that she just flaked out in her bed - ah God bless. Anyway hopefully I will hear from her sometime tomorrow. Speak to you all soon, Karen.


kath said...

Lucky you - enjoy playing and stroking your HG papers. Did you know that Heidi is on next week on QVC Craft Day - I think at 12 lunchtime. I wonder if Blogger has been listening to us as I have left several comments this morning and the word thingy has been fine

kath said...

Hey Mrs I am waiting with bated breath for all these gorgeous cards

Check out my slide show!!!