Sunday, 27 April 2008

I've just been TAGGED !!!

I've been tagged by my crafting buddy Kath. Why me?

I need to tell you all 7 interesting facts about myself that not many people know about me, so here goes:

1. I have 6 tattoos all in places that can be hidden quite easily, unless I want people to see them :-).
2. I am the first female in Northern Ireland to fife and I have been fifing now as 10 years and I love it.
3. I am a qualified accountant but gave it all up last year to spend more time with my kids, might go back on a part time basis.
4. I walked down the isle on my wedding day to the tune of ..... Jaws! Yes you heard right, my hubby to be and I wanted the event to be uplifting, everyone to enjoy themselves and we decided that this tune would make everybody laugh and be more relaxed. It worked too.
5. I love dulse sandwiches. Dulse is a dried form of seaweed and it was my late grandfather who got me addicted to the stuff, needless to say I am passing on this family tradition to my own children.
6. I played the part of Compo from Last Of The Summer Wine in a play for our church quite some years ago, but I remember it well.
7. I am or should I say was, a green belt in Kung Fu, yes I know you wouldn't believe it looking at me now but when I was 18 I lived on my own, was a feeble looking wee thing and decided that I needed to build myself self esteem and body up a bit so I started Kung Fu - and I would recommend anybody to take a martial arts class as I found it a more fun way of getting fit and learning to defend yourself it needed.

Well that's it for me, a few other bits and bobs but not going to tell you just yet. Now I have to tag five other people... I have decided to tag people who I find have interesting blogs and I would like to share them with you all,so .... Cury Cards ......... Katie ......Kool Krafts ..... Jane and finally Debbie. You are now officially tagged!


kath said...

what a girl - I told you I have led a sheltered life.
Can I just say that you are becoming a proper little blogger - I'm impressed....creating links to other sites....great stuff.

Katie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I suppose I ought to say thanks for tagging me???!!!??? LOL
You have some lovely cards here, will visit again.
Have to go now and make up oops! think of 7 interesting things about myself. Aaargh


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