Wednesday, 23 April 2008


It's my birthday and I'm 34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am overweight, getting hot flushes as I've had a hysterectomy and my HRT isn't the right dosage (any story for another day), die my hair as I'm to grey for my age, still getting spots as I LOVE chocolate and everybody thinks my nails are false, which I may add ARE NOT, as I put gel over them as they are to soft.

On a more positive look, I am married to a man who I have loved since I was 17 although at the time we were both married to other people (took us 11 years to get together and have only been married 1 year 6 months and 28 days but who's counting?) have got 2 brilliant kids, Kelsey 11 and Joe 4, oh and Monty the cat that vanishes for 6 days, breaks my heart and re-appears as if nothing is wrong (grrr), have a lovely home which will be extended in a few months (awaiting planning permission) have a wonderful family who have supported me over the past year while I was under enormous pressure from outside sources, my business is slowly but surely starting to take off (mobile craft workshops for children and adults, still building the website) and I love love LOVE my crafting buddies who I have met over these past years, in particular Kath and Lorraine who live in Bonnie Scotland but are only and email away with support, inspiration, shoulder to cry on and a kick up the backside if I need it!!!!!

If I could have just 1 wish for my birthday, it would to have a magical rubber that I could rub out the things that I don't like about my body and re-draw myself. My hubby reminds me by saying "if you were a horse, they would have put you down years ago!" I know he's only joking but no matter how much time I spend in the gym, I'm never happy with the way I look and just can't justify nor afford spending thousands on the way I wish I was. :-( Plus I don't think I would stick the pain to well.

On a more positive note, I love my life now as I can do the things I want to do, when I want to do, live how I want to live, and spend more time with my hubby, kids and my crafts.

My late grandfather always said "SMILE as life is to short to CRY!!!!!!!!!" and this is true :-)


Glenda Waterworth said...

Karen, you were kind enough to leave a couple of comments on my blog, and like a klutz, I accidentally rejected both of them. I'm so sorry, but thank you and please come back and comment again!

Good luck with your craft venture and happy birthday!


Lorraine Robertson said...

Happy Birthday ya auld moo
You smell like a coo
(oops sorry got you mixed up with someone else) wonder who????
Happy birthday dear Kazzer
We wish we were with you..........

Happy birthday doll, hope you have a wonderful day & bet Trevor spoils you silly. Love the pic by the way.

Huge hugs & kisses to you
Lorraine xxxxx

Craftling said...

Hello, Karen.. You don't know me, but Kath said to visit and wish you a Happy Birthday, so here I am!! :o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (That's quite a blog... How do you find time for crafting?? lol ;o)

Heather xx

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