Thursday, 29 October 2009

Christmas Shopping

Hi everyone, sorry no cards today as today is the day that I start my Christmas shopping. I'm so tired leaving everything to the last minute, and with so many of the big stores having special offers on I've decided to hit the high street tonight.

I'm finding it harder and harder to buy the right things for the kids at Christmas time that this year I'm going to take Kelsey with me and she can pick what she wants. Granted there will be a few surprises under the Christmas tree for her, but isn't it disappointing and depressing too when all the presents are opened and someone is sitting there with a long face on them - or is that just her hormones??

Anyway, might manage to get something made tomorrow then again might not as the kids are off school for their Halloween break - do they learn anything at school??

Well, when are you doing your Christmas shopping or are you like my OH and leave it to Christmas Eve then get so stressed out that you just buy anything that your hand touches??

Righty oh, I'm away for now, see ya soon Karen xoxo

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