Monday, 2 November 2009

Today's the BIG day!!

Well, today is the big day for me. No I'm not getting married, I'm starting my diet and oh boy do I need a diet. Don't know if it's because of the operation a few years ago, the tablets or just my lack of fitness but I have put on over 4 stone in weight and as my recent operation appears to be a success - the diet starts today.
1st thing I normally do in the morning is have a smoke and a tin of red bull - not today, 1 vitamin shake down and a bowl of cereal already, I haven't had a breakfast in years and I'm talking double figures here.
So the plan is to go out into the OH's gym when I get home from work for 15 mins on his bike that goes no where, come back in, shower and then craft - well a girl does need a reward for cycling into a brick wall doesn't she :-)
Will keep you posted on my progress, just a quick question, should I weigh myself every week and keep a record or not????

Karen xoxo

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