Friday, 2 May 2008

Christmas 91 & 92

This is a scrapbook page that I worked on today, found the pictures while tidying up yesterday. In Feb 1992 I left home aged just 17 and it's amazing to see the difference in me over that year just looking at these 2 pictures. The first picture 1991 is my whole family including my 3 brothers. The second picture includes my aunt (who I made the 65 today card for) and my nanny who passed away in 2001.

I'm not to good at the scrap booking, but I like what I've done here, tried to split the page in 2 by using another 12x12 sheet and cut around the flowers to distinguish between the 2 years. The tags beside the pictures open up and tell you who everybody is, plus a wee comment from me.

Hope you like, Karen

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