Monday, 19 May 2008

Just back ......

Hi everyone, I'm just back today from my holidays at the NW200. Had a brilliant week except for our local hero Robert Dunlop dying on Thursday night due to an accident. I was speaking to Robert earlier on Thursday at the pits and he was so excited about racing in the 250cc you can only imagine how sad we all felt when we heard of his sudden death, and I'm not ashamed to say it but I shed more than one tear and cried even more when his eldest son Michael won the 250 race on Saturday, the cheers from the crowds was very emotional to say the least.
Well on a more happier note, I did do some crafting in my little mobile caravan over the week, mostly scrap booking and I hope to have the pictures uploaded tomorrow for all of you to see. I even got Kelsey to do her first 2 scrapbook pages and she was so happy with the outcome that I think she is now addicted as she is talking about doing a scrapbook all about her recent school trip to Scarborough and York.
The weather here has been brilliant, averaging 19c and my little freckles are starting to appear on the face, this is a good sign :-)
Going to bed now as I'm exhausted after 5 hours of washing and ironing that needed to be done, no time for card making today, but tomorrow is a new day.
Come back tomorrow for pictures of my new scrapbook pages and let me know what you think, nite nite for now Karen xoxo

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kath said...

back to blogland - we've missed you. Have you been on Lorraine's blog yet - I am waiting for a call from her - she needs some help with something. Look forward to seeing your layouts from your time away. How sad about your friend but these guys compete knowing the risks and love what they wonderful that his son won...did it for his dad.
Speak to you real soon by e-mail

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