Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sammi's blog candy

Oh I'm a hunting good tonight!!! Lot's of blog candy to be found and Sammi is giving away some gorgeous stuff for hitting 1,000 hits (wonder if I should do the same?) Anyway her conditions for entering the candy give away are post a card/scrapbook in a French theme, or post a link on your blog to hers, obviously I choose the second option. If you want a laugh go over to the comments and read my comment, tried to write French something which I haven't done in oh let me see ........... I was 16, GCSE's Mr Halliday, could speak it not write it (that's etched in my brain) OMG 18 years - I am getting old :-(

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samgirl said...

Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by and entering my challenge... good luck!!

and thanks (Merci) for your French!! lol

I learnt French at high school until 8th grade .. unfortunately it was not much help in speaking to people there last one word thrown in here and there is not much good for conversation... luckily my husband speaks french and they are pretty good with English!

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