Monday, 5 May 2008

Quilled flower card

Evening everyone, well as this is my OH last night of night shift, I decided to spend a bit of time on my quilling - I haven't done any in ages. So I thought I would try this out. I quilled the flowers first using 2 different colours in 2 different sizes of papers. Next I make some stems and petals from green velum. Found the piece of paper that I used for my backing, cut into 3cm strips and glued either side of the card, then started gluing the quilled velum down. I think it turned out ok plus it was very messy with all the glue, but I loved it. What do you think? Sorry it's not really in focus, I'm a bit tired now :-(

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Di Hickman said...

Hi Karen
you might wanna pop by my blog today ;)

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